Find, Meet & Share A Ride.
Save Money & Save Environment.
Meet people going towards your destination.
Share a ride in Auto-rickshaw, Car, Taxi, Bike.
GoBunc is an application for users to find a match and share a ride be it taxi, own vehicles, auto-rickshaws, Ola/Uber or a bike.

The GoBunc app makes your cab fares cheaper than any cab sharing service, it is convenient, and easy to use. Travel anywhere you want to, without paying more.

GoBunc lets you find a person travelling to the same destination as yours, from where you are at, with the tap of a button.

You can connect with someone according to your preferences in few swipes and meet to share a ride together as well as split the fare.

Once you meet your Buncer, you can choose to take any mode of transport available like taxi, cab services, auto-rickshaws and reach your destination at super affordable prices and save more than 50% on your rides.

Why Us?
We are Consumer First.
We Believe in decentralised and peer-to-peer controlled infrastructure. We match users and they create their own rides.
Our users share their rides in -
Taxi, Auto-rickshaws, Own Cars and Bikes.

Our community of users are
-Believe in Sharing.
-Committed to Protecting Environment.
How we work
Download the app
Our GoBunc App is live on iOS
and Android. Signup and earn credits.
Enter your destination
Enter your destination be it 1 km or 45 kms and select options to ride immediately or ride later through scheduling.
We will find you a match
Takes about 3 clicks to search a ride for you. While we search for you, feed on some screen info nuggets.
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